The Beginning

Mike Rende started sitebyMIKE in 1999 when his interest in art and programming collided and took him in the direction of the World Wide Web. While he was learning the details of crafting websites, he leveraged his new knowledge in two different directions. During the day he was working as a web designer for Follett Higher Education Group on their ecommerce site,, and other projects. At night he built sites for small businesses which would allow him to stretch the boundaries and create new web experiences.

A Shift to Independence

In 2004 an opportunity to work with NASA presented itself. The time commitment required for this project would be more than was available during the ‘moonlighting’ time, so Mike was faced with the decision of letting the opportunity slip away or leaving the safety of his full time job. Chances to work with institutions like NASA sometimes only come once in a lifetime, so he left the safety of his job at Follett and started doing his freelance web site design and development full time starting in February 2004.

The frontier days of the Web were fun and taught him a lot about how websites could perform effectively for businesses.

Present Day

Now he provides website design and development services for a variety of businesses both large and small. Working with mature Content Management Systems and best practice design standards are a major part of the daily routine. His days are spent as a reliable resources for many businesses in Chicago, the surrounding suburbs and thorough the country, that are planning to launch a website, maintaining their existing website or hoping to enhance their existing site.

Please contact me to see how I can help you with your website needs.