What sitebyMIKE can do for you!

WooCommerce Development

Does your site need a small ecommerce shop, a catalog to request quotes for large items or full ecommerce? We’ve built them all.

WooCommerce has been estimated to run 30% of all ecommerce stores. This is for good reason. It runs on WordPress, so you benefit from the ease of use and large user base. The initial setup is painless and yet it offers immense customization options and a large plugin repository. Payment processing options cover all the major players and many smaller alternatives.

ecommerce development

We’ve done so much with WooCommerce over the years.

We’ve helped small shops add an affordable ecommerce option to their website that they can easily manage in a single login.

We’ve aided larger ecommerce stores post a vast catalog containing hundreds of products. We’ve run scripts to port large catalogs from competing ecommerce solutions to save our client’s the fees that might be necessary if rebuilding the catalog from scratch.

We’ve even leveraged it as a ‘quote system’ for vendors that carry customized products that require a customer call to determine the full needs of a client in order to provide an accurate price. In these cases, the pricing can be easily removed to provide a vibrant catalog online so the eventual sales call can pinpoint what a customer needs.

If you have specific needs for an online store, let’s talk about it. We’ve been surprised by just how flexible WooCommerce is and how we’ve been able to customize it over the years for our clients.

Do you need help with a Shopify, Squarespace, Squareup or another ecommerce platform? We’ve helped with many of those too.