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Amy Liebl Darter MD website samples

Amy Liebl Darter MD

I love that feeling you get when an existing customer comes to you and asks you to build another new website for them. Doctor Amy Liebl Darter MD is the savvy business person and allergy specialist behind the Pure Derma Med Spa website we built in 2019. She liked her website so much that when it was time to begin marketing her Integrative Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Concierge Practice, she turned to sitebyMIKE to build a new one-page website to help drive traffic to her new business.

Sometimes a business needs a full blow website built on a modern Contact Management System like WordPress…but there are times when a well formatted single-page website can provide you with the promotional presence needed. We always strive to build the best site for a customer and in this case, a single page solution was what they wanted and needed. It’s fun getting to roll up our sleeves and hand code a site instead of using a tool like WordPress. It keeps us sharp.