Crafting websites that stand out in the crowd

Windroot Website Samples


Redesigning a website is always a great opportunity! I love being able to fix layout issues, include better calls-to-action, improve search engine optimization (SEO) and work with a writer to enhance the text to provide a better user experience.

I worked with Katemade Designs to provide an improved website for Their previous designer/developer focused on a limiting keyword structure and didn’t include any visual elements to enhance the visitor experience. We worked to provide a new website that would more accurately explain their services to potential new customers and streamline the website’s code base by removing outdated and underutilized WordPress plugins.

Please take a look at the before and after screen shots below to see how we improved their website.

Home Page Before

Windroot Home Old

Home Page After


Services Page Before

Windroot Services Old

Services Page After

Windroot Services New