Crafting websites that stand out in the crowd

PhotoFloat Samples


Inventions often happen when you least expect it. Matt Kurland’s father thought it would be fun to float laminated photos of family members in his pool in Florida so he could see his loved ones in Illinois while he swam in Florida. With the help of Matt, they designed 3D printed harnesses that clipped easily onto small inner tubes. Friends liked it so much, that Matt and his father decided to turn it into a business.

Initially they tried to launch an ecommerce stop of Square, but unfortunately Square didn’t allow them to include image uploads into their store’s processing. Matt searched for a reliable website developer to help him out with this challenge and a friend recommended sitebyMIKE. After a quick phone call, Matt and Mike had a development plan in place to deploy an ecommerce site with the added functionality that “one size fits all” ecommerce platforms could not provide.

So if you are looking for a fun way to see your family while you swim, check out PhotoFloat.