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Todd Survey Samples

Todd Surveying

Todd Surveying approached sitebyMIKE to help them give their existing site a facelift, usability improvements and speed enhancements.

Overall they liked a lot about their old WordPress site, but wanted it to look more modern, operate better on mobile devices and load faster for visitors. I looked inside their old site, offered faster loading plugin replacements, removed abandoned themes, enhanced the SEO Meta Text, expanded their survey request forms and built a new design in GeneratePress that was inspired by the old look while standing on it’s own.

Some of their clients found the old “one size fits all” survey request form a bit confusing, so we broke it apart into four forms targeted to individual customer/project types.

Their old site featured photos that showed people using different models of survey equipment than they used. So I found photos featuring their equipment or into which I could PhotoShop their equipment.